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gingergrant screen shots...

...below are some screenshots of our grants management application.

gingergrant - grant management

Adding an application

Application edit: shows editing an application.

Adding an application to a funding meeting:

Meeting maintenance: add applications directly to the meeting.

Awarding a grant after the meeting:

Grant management: track activity on the grant through its lifetime.

Management of organisations, in this case showing fund match rules:

Trust edit: allows management of organisations, including funding match rules.

Management of gingergrant users:

User admin: allows you to control which users are allowed to do what in gingergrant.

Customising your gingergrant:

Customisation: a small example of ways in which to customise and get the best out of gingergrant. In this example, we're grouping postcodes to make the fund matching easier.

Full accounts management:

Double-entry accounts: in this example, see how assigning a funding trust to the application posts accounts entries to the grant and trust when the grant is awarded.

Analysing data in Excel pivot tables:

Excel pivot tables: in this example, it can be seen how data can be analysed by creating your own pivot tables and charts.

Web applications, agent/referrer login screen:

Web applications, agent login: this shows the web page that is used for agent/referrer login at the start of the online application process.

Web applications, agent/referrer "in flight" applications list:

Web applications, agent "in-flight" applications: this shows the list of applications that are in progress at an agency or referral organisation. All applications in progress from that agency are shown, not just the logged in agent.

Web applications, typical applicant data capture page:

Web applications, typical applicant data capture page: this shows a typical data capture page for applicant information. In this case, it is completed by the agent.

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