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Small but perfectly formed...

Myreka is a small company. But the best things come in small packages. We like to think we punch above our weight, and we're confident our applications will surpass your expectations.

See our product information, and see what our customers think.

Why we're different

We're different because we're small and sweet. Far from being a Bad Thing, some people prefer it this way. We're not prescriptive about how you should go about your business, and we can be as flexible as you want to be. If you prefer applications just to work out-of-the-box then that's fine... if you prefer to be a little bit more flexible and have it your way, then we can accomodate that too.

Ultimately you have a business to run. We're passionate about working with you to make it as smooth and efficient as possible.

We don't only do grants management - some of our time is spent providing consultancy services to other companies including insurers and service companies. This helps us to understand how businesses work.

Sure, our client base is small at the moment. But just ask them what they think, and what they've got out of having our systems and expertise. We hope you'll be as impressed as they are.

Who we are

We're a small team based just west of Halifax, West Yorkshire, in the heart of the Pennines. We're also doing some work for clients in Australia.

We started working in the grant management sector back in 2003. The systems as we know them now were conceived in 2005, but we're always keeping them up-to-date.

We're passionate about our systems and making them as robust and flexible as possible. More importantly though, they have to be what people want.

Our philosophy is simple. Systems are there to support a business, not to hinder it. If systems cause more problems than they're designed to replace, then they're fundamentally flawed.

What we do

We develop a grants management system, an online trust search, and online application functionality.

We're able to do this well because we have background in technical systems and spend much time consulting for many types of company.

We do do data. If you have a system in place now, and you want to move your data into your new system, we can help.

We can customise. If you want something just for you, the system can be changed to accommodate.

We install and maintain any systems you get from us.

We can provide training on our systems.

We can even look after the stuff that it all runs on, if you want us to.

How we do it

We use industry-standard development tools so applications will look instantly familiar to anyone who uses a computer.

We adhere strictly to our philosophy so that you're happy with what you get.

We take information security very seriously.

We listen.

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