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Welcome to Myreka.

Professional Services - IT, technical, architecture and "virtual" CIO consultancy.

Grants Management Systems - our fully-featured grants management system, gingergrant.

Grants management

Use our grants management system, gingergrant, to add applications, assign to panel meetings, award grants. Maintain funding match criteria for the online searches. Generate letters, documents and reports.

Online fund matching

Do the funds you manage have restrictions on whom may apply? No problem. Direct your prospective applicants at the online funding check - so you save your time and they save theirs.

Our accuracy of matching is unparalled, with currently 26 fully variable match points!

There is no limit to the number of funds you can add to the online matching.

Online applications

Once you know someone may be eligible for a grant, let them apply online to save you having to re-enter their application. Saves you time and them postage! It's better for the environment too. We like that.

Analytical monitoring

We know how important it is for you to continue to receive funding for your organisation. What better way than to show a significant increase in funding searches and applications, whilst streamlining your administration at the same time.

Use Google Analytics to track online activity, such as where people are located, which times of day are busiest, how people are finding your website.

Use our online statistical analysis suite to see who's searching for funding, and whether they were successful or not.

Use the grants management system to create reports to see application, meeting and grants activity. Generate your own reports in Microsoft Word or Excel.

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